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For an economical solution to high-volume leaks and drips, try this Oil-Only Pillow in a Pan. When saturated, you simply replace the Pillow and reuse the Pan.

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Efficient, Cost-Effective

Each Oil-Only Pillow absorbs up to 3 quarts of oil or other oil-based liquid while actually repelling water. By selectively absorbing petroleum-based liquids and not water, these polypropylene-filled Pillows take in more oil and can be left on the job longer. This kind of efficiency makes the Pillow in a Pan an ideal choice for catching recurring or continuous high-volume leaks.

Makes a Great "Quick Response" Absorbent

No preparation required. Simply set it in place, and watch it go to work. With high absorbency and a holding depth of 3", the Pillow in a Pan provides the volume capacity you need to handle a variety of sorbency situations.


Color-coding helps you visually identify the right sorbent for your needs. White designates Oil-Only sorbency and makes it easy to identify when saturated.



Dimensions - 10.5" L x 10.5" W x 3" D
Sold as - 24 pillows per package
Color - White/Black Tray
Composition - Polypropylene
Recycled Content - 100% Post-Industrial Recycled Polypropylene Filler
Absorbency - Up to 20.7 gal. per package
Absorbency per - Up to 2.91 gal. per pillow
# per Pallet - 35
Incinerable - No
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